Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hong Soon Famous Thai Style Duck Noodle

Was at the Maxwell market having a post-gym supper when I came across this stall outside of which were many bouquets and congratulatory garlands. Ah, a new shop, I thought - and true enough, it was the first day of operations. This place sells Thai-style duck noodles, and a patron informed me that the soup was delicious.

Well, I certainly had to give it a shot! There was only mee-pok left, so I ordered that.

I'm pleased to say that the duck noodles were really delicious. The soup was very tasty, robust with lots of umami and a beautifully balanced herbal taste that was - admittedly - very addictive. The noodles had good texture and came doused in a really delicious sauce that was chockfull of fried minced garlic which gives a very fragrant kick. I finished the bowl in no time. (8.25/10) This place deserves your support. Yums. Would certainly revisit it if I'm near Maxwell.