Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sushisei Honten, Tsukiji

I'm in Japan for work (don't be jelly, it is only once in a very long time) and I'm having a bit of free time, so I thought I should go to the Tsukiji market to check it out before it moves. 

I didn't have much time to queue for Daiwa and Dai, so in the end I ventured to Sushisei Honten which apparently has a very long history. 

It was between that, and a few other recommended places such as Sushi Kagura, Sushi Maru, and so on.

Sushisei is located the Tsukiji Outer Market (I realise I haven't been there! only been to the market where Sushi Dai is located). Thankfully there were seats even though I went at almost 11.30, close to lunch time. 

Ordered the omakase for Y3,500 before taxes. I had: chutoro, otoro, buri, hotate, iwashi, aji, botan ebi, kani, uni, ikura, and the small white needlefish. All were good, especially the chutoro (very flavourful) (I learnt that the tuna is from oma), iwashi, and especially the uni. the otoro was a bit sinewy, unfortunately.

Not bad!

There are other shops as well, especially one that my friend went to called "sushi ban wu" (that's the Chinese characters) - I'm wondering if any of you know the Japanese translation?

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