Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Vatos Urban Tacos, South Beach

I had high expectations for Vatos Urban Tacos, since Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow, a blog that I always have time for, named it as one of the Best Casual Restaurants for 2016. I visited the place sometime last week for some drinks and tacos and to see what the fuss was about.

Pretty good fuss, it seems. Everything was done very well, spot on, and we had an enjoyable time. The place was lively but not too noisy, and the drinks were, well, potent - but so refreshing. I had two  - a makgeolita (makgeolli with tequila) and a normal margarita. the makgeolitas were so good - so refreshing, but hey, pretty darn potent. It went down like a charm, refreshing and citrusy. 

Some food was in order. we ordered the Baja Fish Tacos - the homemade flavour of the corn tortillas was very appealing, and tasted very fresh. The fish itself was alright, but what uplifted the dish was the accompaniment of the tart apples, creating a light and refreshing combination. (8.25/10)

I also enjoyed the chimichurri chicken tacos - this was slightly spicier, but pretty delicious as well. Anything with those corn tortillas, please. (8/10)

My friend wanted to eat some tamales, and so we had some; I'm glad we ordered them. These were filled with carnitas (pulled pork), again with some more of that corn meal which tastes so good. It went very well with the salsa that was provided. (8.25/10)

Lastly, we had some honey bourbon wings - delectably good. Sweet, zesty, and flavourful. (8.25/10).

I can't wait to come back to try the famous fries. Perhaps one of these Friday nights when I'm not busy working. Highly recommended especially for a guys or ladies' night out.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Beauty in the Pot

Hotpot in Singapore's getting very popular these days: I guess steamboat was always consumed by Singaporeans especially at Chinese New Year, but Hai Di Lao and Imperial Treasure took the steamboat/hotpot up a few notches, with premium ingredients, many different types of broths, condiments, and the like. So what truly differentiates one hotpot chain from another? For me, the broth is of primary importance, since it's the thing that flavours all the ingredients that are dipped into the broth. 
Paradise Group opened "Beauty in the Pot" at 1KM mall, and its selling point is the shark cartilage and pork bone soup that's full of collagen. It was really delicious - I had almost six or seven bowls of the intense and rich broth, which was very tasty and robust without being too heavy or "jerlak".

As for the ingredients, the beef and pork were all good but nothing out of the ordinary, nothing you can't get at Hai Di Lao or some of the other chains. What was really good was the deep fried beancurd which, when dipped in the soup, was really pretty scrumptious. It's a must order. I also liked the handmade balls and the fish pastes as well. 

Overall, I think Beauty in the Pot trumps Hai Di Lao (I haven't tried Imperial Treasure yet so I can't gauge that), and it's well worth a visit. Excellent. (8.5/10)