Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bistro Du Le Pin, Orchard Plaza

Bistro Du Le Pin is my kind of place - very homely, a hole-in-the-wall, a good selection of food and drinks, and coupled with an intimate setting resulting in a good interaction between the chef and the diner. The place is actually located at the 2nd floor of Orchard Plaza - it's quite a "dingy" set up with very few shops open at night. However, I think the rent is cheap, which means that consumers like us get to benefit from lower costs. In fact, the prices paid here were very reasonable - they have an omakase set going at SGD60, and a huge chunk of Miyazaki beef went only at SGD65 (photo below). I'm happy to frequent such places where I don't have to pay for the landlord's sky high rentals.

We decided to go for ala-carte instead of the omakase, and here's what we had:

Potato Salad was pretty good - tasty, with good savouriness from the mentaiko. (7/10)

I really adored the hokkaido scallop with butter. This was an amazing dish. The scallops themselves were expectedly tender and succulent. And then there were chunks of ikura in the dish, which went surprisingly well with the butter sauce - providing that umami and salinity. And moreover, the scallop corals themselves were so delicious, tasting like sea urchin, having that same floral mineral taste of the sea. And the pieces of garlic in it were just so tasty as well. (8.75/10)

The Miyazaki beef then arrived: it had a good beefy taste, with sweetness and butteriness. Pretty good (can't compare though to the beef I had at Nakamura). The portion was very generous (7.75/10).

Uni pasta was next - this was quite superb, boasting al dente pasta and a savoury rich sauce that coated the pasta well. And large chunks of uni! (8.25/10)

Not so fond of the baby lamb cooked with a buttery peppery sauce - the lamb itself did not have much flavour. (6.75/10)

Last up, as my friend was still hungry (and looking for carbs), we ordered an oyakodon. This was quite decently done. (7/10) though I would have preferred more onions!

Overall, Bistro Du Le Pin is a hidden gem and well worth exploring. It wasn't full when I went (there were still some tables), and it's a shame because it ought to be more well-patronised. It reminds me a bit of Nobu-Ya at Fortune Centre (Middle Road) - similar vibe. 

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